Say hello to Ruby, your new Generative AI companion for the Rubrik Security Cloud. Ruby is designed to simplify and automate cyber detection and recovery, something that IT and Security teams struggle with as cyber incidents are getting wildly frequent and the attacks are evolving quickly. A study by Rubrik Zero Labs revealed that 99% of IT and Security leaders were made aware of at least one incident, on average of once per week, in 2022. To make matters worse, the mean time to response for cyber incidents in production environments is over an hour for over 60% of organizations. There is no doubt that the attacks will only increase in frequency and complexity in the future and organizations ability to respond quickly is the difference between maintaining business continuity and potentially bringing your organization down.

While Ruby is a new addition to the Rubrik product portfolio, AI is integral to our products. We use Machine Learning in our Data Threat Engine to identify suspicious activity such as anomalous modifications or deletions to data and in the future, anomalous user activity on data. Our machine learning models continuously learn from signals to reduce false positives and false negatives. We also leverage Machine Learning , through Sentry AI which uses customer telemetry data to help our customer success and support teams provide proactive service and recommendations tailored to each customer along their journey.

All learning

Ruby - The Rubrik Security Cloud AI Companion 

Dealing with the barrage of cyber incidents, knowing when to sound the alarm, how to react, what to investigate, and how to recover is no easy feat for IT and Security teams. Couple this with the complexity of navigating your own unique data estate and infrastructure,  the constantly evolving nature of attacks, and the lack of trained talent. Life as a security or IT operator is hard. Making mistakes can cost businesses millions and cause irreparable brand damage. And when we are talking about critical infrastructure impacted by cyber attacks such as healthcare and public utilities, human lives could be at stake. 

As an innovator in data security, Rubrik brings simplicity to operational complexity, concrete recommendations in the face of ambiguity, and visibility where there is none today. Ruby packages all of this into a new interactive experience. Its first skill is all about aiding operators when Rubrik first detects a cyber incident all the way through cyber recovery. We started here first, not because it was easy, but because it would have the biggest impact on our customers and their organizations.  And Ruby is only just getting started; it will be updated with many more skills over time. 

How Ruby works

Ruby is designed to speed up cyber detection, cyber recovery, and cyber resilience. As soon as Rubrik’s Continuous Threat Monitoring identifies an indicator of compromise such as a specific piece of malware in a snapshot, Ruby kicks into action. Ruby notifies you of the threat and guides you step by step through an integrated and interactive chat interface. Ruby helps you learn more about the threat, allows you to launch actions such as searching for additional related indicators of compromise, searching for sensitive data in impacted objects and provides recommendations for quarantining and recovering the infected data. You can also download reports to send to your teams that outline the threats found, the time of infection and the impacted objects.

Ruby does not assume any cyber expertise on the part of its users, but provides detailed and prescriptive guidance to help you immediately recover from the attack. It is also important to note that customer data never leaves your environment, nor is it used for training.

Rubrik’s expertise is packed into Ruby for your benefit

Built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Ruby comes with built-in cyber expertise based on Rubrik’s experiences and best practices working with thousands of customers globally. We leverage threat intelligence feeds identified by our Rubrik Zero Labs teams. We develop interactive workflows based on the experiences our customers have working with our Ransomware Response Team when they need to recover from attacks. We created the delightful user experience leveraging our award winning Design Team who recently received the Red Dot Design Award for Rubrik Security Cloud. Ruby will continue to learn new skills to benefit our customers for complete cyber resilience. Request a demo of Ruby.

Generative AI

As mentioned earlier, Ruby is the latest pillar of our AI products. Rubrik has been using AI and Machine Learning for years to deliver innovative Data Security products and customer experiences.

Rubrik’s Data Threat Engine powers Anomaly Detection  

Foundational to Rubrik Security Cloud is our Data Threat Engine built on top of our Time Series of Data and Metadata. Anomaly Detection, one product in our Data Threat Analytics suite, determines the scope of cyber attacks using machine learning to detect unusual deletions, modifications, and encryptions. It helps you respond faster by providing a simple, intuitive user interface that tracks how your data changed over time, what’s normal and what’s not. Our Data Threat Engine is constantly learning new patterns of anomalous activity and behavior to alert you quickly to threats and help you identify where to start your investigation and recovery.

Learn more about Anomaly Detection here

Deep Learning

Customer Success Fueled by SentryAI

Rubrik’s support organization consistently receives best in class, audited NPS scores of over 80, while the SaaS industry average is 31. We provide proactive support to our customers using predictive algorithms on top of customer telemetry data to identify issues quickly, notify customers  before they see it in their environments, and aid customers with recommendations based on where they are in their journey with Rubrik. We built an in-house AI engine specifically for our support teams called SentryAI.  


While we have a robust portfolio of AI products , we are just getting started. This technology is evolving faster than any of us could have imagined and we will continue to find ways to simplify, automate and accelerate your path to cyber resilience. Ruby is a huge step in that direction.

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