Modernize Google Cloud Backup & Recovery

Rubrik's cloud-native protection for Google Cloud eliminates painful scripting and manual job scheduling. Automate backup, recovery, and replication schedules across regions with Rubrik’s Google cloud recovery and backup tools.

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Centralized Management

Unify visibility and compliance for hybrid and multi-cloud environments with a single UI that consolidates siloed management points.

Quick Start

Deploy in seconds, with no infrastructure required. Automate backups for GCE instances via native integrations with Google Cloud APIs.

Automated Resiliency

Meet business SLAs with policy-driven automation and achieve data control with immutable snapshots that remain in your cloud storage account for immediate disaster recovery.
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Protecting Hybrid and Multi-cloud Data

Learn how to integrate cloud platforms with on-premises infrastructure to provide a single control pane to manage, back up, and restore data across your corporate network.


SaaS-Based Auto Discovery

With no infrastructure required, automatically discover all your GCP projects and select which projects to protect - all while taking minimal permissions and upholding security best practices. Start protecting workloads in even the largest environments with just a few clicks. The data stays within your cloud account for increased security. 


Automated Protection for GCP Projects

Apply consistent backup policies globally to protect entire projects or instances and disks within your projects and map them to multiple clouds. Further achieve policy assignment at scale by leveraging GCP labels to automatically protect newly-deployed resources.


Rapid Recovery

Meet the most aggressive recovery objectives with just two clicks to recover, for near-zero RTOs. 


Do More with Your Data on Google Cloud

As you shift your apps to Google Cloud, Rubrik orchestrates all critical data management functions, including backup and recovery of virtual applications and workloads and flexible archival for a variety of applications and surface areas.

Data Archival

Send your application data to Nearline or Coldline storage for long-term retention. Ensure instant accessibility of archived data with real time, predictive search.

Cloud-Native Protection

Modernize backup and recovery of Google Cloud instances with native snapshots and API-based data protection.


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