Rubrik for Kubernetes

Application-consistent protection of containerized workloads

Protect applications’ state, data and configurations with immutable, air gapped, and access control backups to ensure application resiliency and business continuity.

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Kubernetes Protection | Rubrik

Zero trust protection for your kubernetes deployments

Continue to evolve towards a more cloud-native and distributed application model with application-centric protection of your containerized applications running on Kubernetes or Kubernetes-conforming environments. Unlock policy-driven simplicity and Zero Trust architecture to mitigate cyber risks, operational disruptions, and manage vulnerabilities of distributed clusters, all from a single management console.

Secure your Applications and Data

Apply policy-driven protection to maintain application state and data consistency with immutable backups of entire app, metadata, configuration, state and persistent data at the same point in time.

Keep the Business Running

Quickly search and  granularly recover to desired applications state and bring back the protected components together.

Accelerate Deployments

Enable self-service and integration with automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines​ to support shift-left and enhance application performance.

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Data Protection for Kubernetes

Learn how to develop a data protection strategy that can accomodate distributed and dynamic Kubernetes environments.

Data Protection for Kubernetes

Have more power and control. Protect, organize, and manage your dynamic and distributed Kubernetes environment across hybrid cloud to deliver innovation faster

Protect application's state and data and keep it resilient against malicious attacks or adverse conditions. Say goodbye to manual or job-centric protection and slow, tedious restores and keep up with the dynamic and distributed Kuberentes environment.

Efficient protection

Policy-driven protection for Persistent Volumes and Kubernetes objects.

Efficient Protection | Rubrik

Ransomware resiliency

MFA, with granular role-based access control prevents from unauthorized change, encryption, or deletion.

Ransomware Resiliency | Rubrik

Granular and flexible restores

Quickly identify applications to recover at a desired point in time and bring back all application components together.

Granular and Flexible Restores | Rubrik

Automate and integrate

Enable a breadth of automation capabilities and integrations with automation, self-service, and monitoring tools though Rubikr’s rich APIs.

Automated Protection

Enable test/dev

Replicate namespaces using Export to a completely different cluster to support internal testing and development.

Enable Test/Dev | Rubrik

Enterprise Data Mobility in the Cloud Era

Learn how to move workloads and applications across clouds while maintaining visibility. Secure workloads against ransomware and facilitate data privacy and regulatory compliance.


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