Rubrik for NoSQL Databases

Data Protection Built for NoSQL Databases

Automatically discover and protect NoSQL databases with Rubrik. Minimize your backup footprint while reducing secondary storage costs.


Solve NoSQL Data Management

Enjoy simpler backup and recovery operations for large-scale NoSQL databases. Reduce RPO and RTO for mission-critical production applications.

Streamline Operations

Automatically discover NoSQL databases as they are created and keep them protected with simple SLA policies.

Restore Anywhere

Recover all or just a subset of the data to dissimilar database topologies, from on-premises to the cloud.

Reduce Storage

Slash your storage footprint with semantic deduplication. Turn multiple replicas into a single image.

Modern Data Protection for Databases

This guide explores what modern database protection entails, examining the difference between the legacy and modern approach in four areas essential for successful data protection.


Automated Discovery and Protection

Deploy Rubrik to automatically discover sources, databases, and tables as they are created.  Configure backup frequency and retention through inherited SLAs that keep your NoSQL databases protected.


Application Consistent Backups

Recover all or just a subset of the data to dissimilar database topologies, from on-premises to the cloud, or to different clouds with data that is always stored in native formats.


Industry-first NoSQL Deduplication

Under most configurations, NoSQL databases share multiple copies of the same data across many nodes. Rubrik deduplicates these key-value pairings, ensuring that you have a single, application-consistent copy of your data.


Empower DBAs and Line of Business Owners

Improve application availability, cloud mobility, development cycles, and storage savings.

Online Backup and Recovery

Backup and recover live with continuous streaming, incremental forever backups and without quiescing.

Enterprise Privacy

Securely mask Cassandra and DataStax sensitive data when providing access to data from backups.

Granular Protection

Backup and recover entire databases or implement protection at the individual table level.
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Databases Protection for Dummies

Learn how to accelerate backup and recovery speeds, protect against ransomware, and bridge the gap between backup and database administrators.


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