The idea of digital transformation is one that appeals to many companies, but the reality is much harder than anticipated for many GSIs tasked with making this transformation a reality. Powerful digital transformation within an organization includes a number of components that must work together to enable real change. For GSIs, it is often a challenge to figure out the best ways to automate tasks with data coming from disparate sources and to keep that data protected. By partnering with a company that has experience working with GSIs, has access to multiple APIs, and is based in the cloud, transformation can happen quickly without compromising data security or extending the time needed to implement a solution.  

Rubrik is a rapidly growing data management company creating cloud-based solutions to offer modern businesses their needed results. Partnering with Rubrik allows GSIs to accomplish business goals, reduce operating costs, and increase security around data. Thanks to our experience working with partners in a variety of industries, our team is well versed in how to customize a solution that meets business goals while respecting the privacy regulations that may exist around specific data.

Why Choose Rubrik as Your Global System Integration Partner?

Transforming the landscape of digital business requires tools that enable automation and protect data coming in from disparate sources while empowering the user to find insights for increased business success. Rubrik provides five key areas of business value for GSI partners looking to solve common problems: 

  1. Introduce modern and transformative technology easily: Rubrik integrates seamlessly with popular APIs, allowing you to easily integrate with these tools. API integration eliminates the need for hours of work to integrate with just one system and is easy to use.

  2. Improve SLAs and recover instantly to exceed contracted requirements: Rubrik’s technology allows for flexible definition of SLAs, and with integrated automation tools, SLAs can become shorter and more accurate. For customers in industries with built-in SLAs like finance, this can be a cost-saving measure. Moreover, Rubrik Live Mount technology provides the ability to instantly run most applications directly from Rubrik to ensure the lowest Recovery Time Objective. 

  3. Lower overall total cost of ownership and cost to serve: Rubrik’s technology consolidates the legacy silo of outdated data management solutions with built-in data reduction for the hybrid cloud environment. Our modern solution eliminates the need for proxies or islands of dedupe boxes. Rubrik provides faster and more accurate backups, decreasing operating costs and creating new efficiencies that can help the bottom line.

  4. Introduce new revenue streams: With automation solutions that work and protect the data as they run, new revenue streams can constantly be introduced with a minimum of work needed. Partners can introduce additional revenue streams or bundle services alongside Ransomware Recovery and Data Classification services.  

  5. Sit in the middle of cloud, automation, and security: Customers can specify their own cloud hybrid solution or move storage directly to the cloud to protect against potential security threats including ransomware. This also creates a disaster recovery plan for on-premise servers. 

To find out more about how Rubrik can help GSIs reach their goals by protecting legacy data, contact us at  Our team takes a collaborative approach to help you identify and reach organizational targets and bring innovation to your environment.