Data Protection for Distance Learning

Distance learning has placed new pressures on how schools protect and secure data. Not to mention, educational institutions remain high on the list of public sector targets for ransomware attacks. Rubrik helps you simplify data management, recover from ransomware attacks, accelerate cloud mobility, and streamline operations.


Protect Data Anywhere in
Your Virtual Campus

Recover from Ransomware

Protect your data from being compromised by ransomware. We natively store it in an immutable format.

Accelerate Cloud Mobility

Simplify archival, streamline app migration, and manage data protection across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Simplify Data Operations

Reduce time spent managing backups by 90% with a policy-driven platform that automates routine tasks.

Ransomware Recovery

Stop Paying Ransoms!

Backups are the most important defense against ransomware. But if subject to corruption, attackers will use it against you. And with inadequate security systems in place, school systems are easier to penetrate leaving sensitive data exposed. We can change that.

Rubrik adds an additional layer of defense to malware attacks by providing immutable backups. This bolsters our data security, ensuring that malware like Ransomware can’t access and encrypt our backup data.

Edward Poll
Head of IT Infrastructure, Cranfield University

With Rubrik, we could eliminate tape, integrate seamlessly with Azure, and securely mobilize our applications from on-premises to the cloud. Together, Rubrik and Azure helps us decrease costs, stay within our data retention policy, and establish a stronger DR strategy.

Leonard De Botton
CIO, Berkeley College

Cloud Mobility

A Cheaper Way to Cloud

We help schools automatically archive to the cloud and eventually retire data based on the retention defined in their protection policy. We can also help you protect your cloud-native workloads and convert VM backups into cloud compute instances for test/dev.


Automate and Save Time

Old school backup job scheduling is quite painful a legacy backup and recovery solutions can be very time consuming and difficult to manage. We automate the entire data lifecycle -- from cradle to grave – reducing the time you spend managing backups by 90%.

We went from spending a couple of hours per day managing backup, and Rubrik has cut that time in half. With Rubrik’s policy-based management, all we have to do is configure our SLA’s once. Rubrik takes it from there.

Fernando Thompson
Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP)


How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions remain high on the list of public sector targets for ransomware. This eBook will walk through how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure your school(s) can quickly respond to a cyberattack.


Berkeley College Cuts Costs and Migrates to Microsoft Azure with Rubrik

 Berkeley College realized 33% TCO savings, achieved a near-zero RTO, and archived data to Microsoft Azure for instant application availability with Rubrik. Watch to hear Berkeley College's story with Rubrik.

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