Threat Monitoring

Find lurking threats early

Detect security threats early by automatically identifying indicators of compromise within backups using an up-to-date feed of threat intelligence.

Threat monitoring

Discover threats

Identifying malware lurking in your infrastructure can be challenging. Rubrik Threat Monitoring accelerates investigations and reduces the risk of malware reinfection during recovery by automatically analyzing backup snapshots for threats using an up-to-date threat intelligence feed.

Detect Threats Early

Use Rubrik’s up-to-date threat monitoring and intelligence, based on multiple sources, to understand the latest security threats.


Monitor for Threats Automatically

Scan backups automatically for indicators of compromise using file hashes and YARA rules.

Minimize Impact to Production

Monitor existing backup data out-of-band from production.


Use up-to-date threat intelligence

Automatically ingest vetted threat intelligence from Rubrik’s InfoSec team, Rubrik Zero Labs, threat intelligence programs, and third party sources.


malware detection

Get alerts for lurking threats

Hunt for indicators of compromise or data breach automatically based on the latest threat intelligence and monitoring solutions.


 threat intelligence

View infection insights

Leverage insights from IOC scans for deep internal and external cyber investigations into attack surfaces.


continuous threat monitoring

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