Rubrik for Cassandra

Be confident in the recoverability of your data

Protect your Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise databases as they are created with automated discovery and protection.

Cassandra Hero

Built for peace of mind

Leverage a single software solution that unifies and automates the protection of your databases across on-premises and the cloud. Deliver application-consistent backups and repair-free, point-in-time recoveries.

Stay Protected

Automate database discovery and assign protection with a single SLA policy engine. Know you are protected from Day 1.

Improve Efficiency

Leverage incremental forever backups, parallel data streaming, and semantic deduplication to save on storage and turbocharge performance.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Rubrik on physical servers, virtual machines, containerized environments, or cloud compute instances.

Simplify Recoveries

Provide granular recovery with table-level backups. Recover all or just a subset of your data to dissimilar database topologies.


Modern Data Protection for Databases

This guide explores what modern database protection entails, examining the difference between the legacy and modern approach in four areas essential for successful data protection.

Zero Trust Data Security

Bring Data Resilience and Remediation to Your Cassandra Databases

Automatically protect your Cassandra data and rapidly recover to restore business operations.

Automated Protection

Stay protected from creation

Deploy Rubrik to automatically discover sources, keyspaces, and column families as they are created. Protect a complete source, keyspace, or column family by assigning inherited SLAs that configure frequency and retention.

Automated protection
Flexible Recovery Options

Restore how you want, where you want

Recover a single column family or a combination of keyspaces and column families as part of a bulk recovery.  Perform a query and only restore the data you need and securely mask sensitive data to reduce the risk of data exfiltration. Recover back to the same database or a different database with a different number of nodes across on-premises and the cloud.

Flexible recovery option
Events & Reporting

Monitor your environment

Audit the operations of your environment to ensure actions are running as intended. Leverage Job Reports to quickly identify the tasks that have failed, succeeded, or have been canceled.

Events and Reporting

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